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ARBOR Poparazzi 144cm - Snowboard für Damen - B...
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The Poparazzi features a lively, comfortable flex, and a user-friendly shape that makes it easy to ride all day long. In building the Poparazzi, we sought to design an affordable snowboard that wouldn´t weigh too heavy on your wallet, allowing you to work less and ride more. A step up from the Ethos, the Poparazzi is a women´s specific mountain-twin perfect for riders who are just getting into the sport or more seasoned snowboarders looking for Arbor quality at an affordable price point. Features: Snowboard Set: Snowboard Art: All Mountain Snowboard Terrain: Alle Shape: Twin Profil: Negative Vorspannung (Rocker) Flex: 3 (mittel) Fiberglas: Biax Glassing Kanten: 360° Rails Breite: Standard Fahrer Level: Einsteiger Inserts: 2x4x10 Belag: Extrudiert Kern: Single Malt Core Länge: 144 cm Nosebreite: 27.37 cm Mittelbreite: 23.4 cm Tailbreite: 27.37 cm Setback: 0 mm Effektive Kantenlänge: 108.9 cm HerstellerFarbe: khaki/beige Material: Holz, Metall, Kunststoff

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